Raw Material

Bosnia has long been established as one of the leading locations for the wood industry in Europe, thanks largely to the fact that more than 50% of the land mass is forestry. The forests are mainly comprised of spruce, beech, oak, pine, ash and fir trees, all of which are used as the raw materials in various manufacturing endeavors.

The extensive tradition of forestry, wood processing, and related industries in the country has provided a source of reliable economic growth for Bosnians for generations, and we are extremely proud to be a part of this flourishing sector. The skills and experience of native forestry experts are industry-leading, and wood sourced from Bosnia and Herzegovina’s forests is used around the world for everything from furniture manufacture to construction.


Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Since the end of the Bosnian war in late 1995, we have worked hard to help rebuild the communities that we work within, as well as the broader economy and the country’s reputation on the international stage. We take great pride not only in our work but also in the way that Bosnia and Herzegovina have been able to bounce back and continue to grow this already well-established industry.

The government in Bosnia has implemented strict rules and guidelines for operating in the forestry industry – regulations that are designed to protect the longevity of the forests for future generations as well as provide support to the communities that depend on them. We are wholly committed to meeting or exceeding the best practices and standards laid out, ensuring that we are able to strengthen our relationships within the country and continue to provide our customers with our high-quality products.


Bosnia and Herzegovina

Our core product is spruce-sawn timber. This is a highly versatile, lightweight softwood with rot-resistant qualities – perfect for a broad spectrum of uses, including the manufacture of musical instruments and furniture, as well as construction.

Spruce takes in the region of thirty years to grow from seed to a harvestable size. Countries like Bosnia and Herzegovina have the ideal climate to promote the fast growth of these trees, which is why the forests here are so dense and strong.


Bosnia and Herzegovina

As a vertically integrated tree-to-consumer timber supply company, we have invested heavily in implementing the latest technologies and processes, ensuring that both ASIKS and ASIKS Company are operating sustainably to high social and community-focused standards. We constantly look for ways to reduce waste, improve our operations, and optimize the use of our raw materials while minimizing our environmental impact – a commitment that has allowed us to become certified to Forest Stewardship Council (FSC-C119554) standards: the highest relevant social and environmental standard in the world. The FSC is the leading organization devoted to sustainable forestry on an international level and is trusted by consumers across the globe to ensure companies like ours are operating in an ethical and sustainable manner.

Added Value

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Due to the fact that we harvest, process and ship the wood ourselves, we are able to guarantee a constant, reliable flow of wood – as well as leverage the reduced costs to bring more value to our customers. We are also better able to manage the quality of our products, with rigorous testing procedures to ensure that everything we manufacture and ship out is exactly as our clients expect it to be.

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