Global Reach

ASIKS and ASIKS Company are able to supply our products all around the world, with a current customer base in more than 20 countries. Our primary focus is the Middle East and Northern Africa, where we are the preferred supplier to a large number of companies in a range of industries.

It is our mission as a company to further strengthen our position as a leading international timber trading company, providing our products to other trading companies, end-users, and importers everywhere we are needed.

To do so, we export from our supply base close to the forests of Bosnia, using the nearby shipping ports located in Slovenia, Croatia and Italy to ensure that timber is distributed to our customers quickly and efficiently. For over thirty years, we have built a reputation for reliability and value – qualities we continue to prioritize no matter where in the world our products are destined.

As we have integrated the supply chain from tree to customer and also built relationships with sawmills owned by co-operatives, we are proud to be able to trade timber of the highest quality in large volumes. You can rest assured that even when we do leverage the additional production capacity of sawmills that we do not directly own, we still apply the same quality checks and standards to ensure that the product we deliver is worthy of carrying our name.


All orders for ASIKS and ASIKS Company products must be placed with our agency, SETCO. This is a subsidiary of the group and handles all international sales and fulfilment of our timber. As with all of our team, SETCO is committed to the highest standards of customer satisfaction, value and quality.

You can find out more about SETCO by clicking the link below.

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