Spruce Sawn Timber for a Range of Uses

Our spruce-sawn timber is used by clients around the world for a broad range of products. We can supply spruce in your choice of fresh cut, anti-stain treated, or kiln-dried.

ASIKS and ASIKS Company only use spruce that meets Bosnian Timber Trade Usage – LEV 1-111. This is a grading system that is used to ensure the quality and specifications of the timber, so you can be sure that your delivery will be of the correct quality every time.

European softwoods like our spruce have a natural shrinkage of around 2mm on average, depending on factors that include the cutting process, storage time, growth area and harvest time. All of our spruce-sawn timber is cut and prepared for you to the specifications agreed upon without adding additional tolerance.

We can provide spruce-sawn timber in lengths ranging from 1000mm to 8000mm, as you require. So as to provide you with the freshest wood (and reduce discolouration, damage and shrinkage), we prefer to keep an absolute minimum of stock in storage – although we can often offer faster shipment on small amounts of some standard sizes.


To improve the aesthetic of the timber, as well as to protect it from cracking, we are able to colour the edges of your delivery in any colour you choose.

As standard, we also label the timber with our name and logo – if you would rather have your own logo on the package, please reach out to arrange this.


Beech Firewood

Beech is a fantastic wood for fires as it has a low-smoke output and creates significantly less creosote than other woods. Additionally, as the wood is one of the hardest and densest there is, fires built using it tend to burn hotter and for longer.

This type of firewood is used around the world in both commercial sites and residences to provide a warm and welcoming environment.


Our beech firewood is available in two variants: fresh cut and air dried (20-25% moisture) and in standard boxes of these sizes:

  • 0.90M X 1M X 1M (Outer dimensions)
  • 1M X 1M X 1M (Outer dimensions)
  • 1M X 1M X 1.80M (Outer dimensions)
  • 1M X 1M X 2M (Outer dimensions)

You also have the option of selecting the size of your firewood, as we can cut to these lengths for you:

  • 25CM
  • 33CM
  • 50CM
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